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Welcome to a strategic, goal-oriented program tailored for professional women seeking to strengthen their leadership presence and performance. What message does your presence convey today? Are you leveraging confident, impactful communication, or could it inadvertently undermine your influence?

As an executive and leadership coach, I specialize in empowering women to unlock their full potential, leading authentically and confidently. Let's work together to refine your strategies, enhance your presence, and navigate challenges. Elevate your impact and embrace success on your terms, starting today.

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Unlock potential with 1:1 leadership coaching. Achieve goals, navigate career transitions, cultivate mindset. Tailored services empower women's professional growth and success.



Empower your organization with tailored 1:1 coaching for leaders, small group cohorts, men, ERGs, and a suite of services supporting professional development and growth


Build positive habits for a healthy mind. Imagine yourself able to remain calm, clearheaded, stress-free, and positive even in the midst of handling work and life's greatest challenges.

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Discover impactful workshops and training sessions. Empower teams with tailored development programs, enhancing skills, leadership, and fostering a dynamic work culture.

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“Vicky’s guidance and tools are immensely valuable and working with her has been an empowering investment in myself.” 


Developing professional women into exceptional, confident, and highly effective leaders

With 25 years of experience in business and technology leadership, I’m passionate about helping professional women overcome unique career challenges. I understand the difficulties they face in proving their worth and balancing personal and professional responsibilities.

 My coaching practice is dedicated to developing exceptional, confident leaders by unlocking their full undeniable potential.

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Kind Words from Amazing Clients...

I could never rate Vicky less than 5 stars as a coach. She brings an aura of calmness with her and you feel safe in her presence instantly. Vicky has challenged me and my limiting beliefs and managed to coach me to move mountains in my mind. Thanks to Vicky I have acted on goals that have just lived in my head for 10 years.

My highest recommendation for Vicky as the phenomenal coach she is. She a blessing for driven women.

— cindy

Working with Vicky has been a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally.
Vicky’s coaching style is not just insightful but tailored to individual needs. Her ability to pinpoint key areas for growth and provide practical strategies for improvement is truly remarkable. The impact on my leadership skills has been immediate and profound.

What sets Vicky apart is her genuine dedication to her clients' success. The personalized attention and unwavering support I received throughout the coaching process made all the difference. Vicky is not just a coach; she is a trusted partner in your leadership journey.
If you're looking to elevate your leadership game and achieve lasting results,

I wholeheartedly recommend Vicky. Her expertise, passion, and commitment make her an invaluable asset on the path to becoming a more effective and empowered leader.

— katie

Vicky has given me a fresh perspective, guided me through stepping out of my comfort zone and shared a goldmine of ideas and resources in my time working with her.

When I started working with Vicky, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my career. Now, I have a solid vision with clear goals to focus on.“Networking” is something I’ve dreaded and avoided throughout my career. Today, I feel confident making genuine connections and initiating meaningful dialogue.

Vicky is as sharp as they come and an incredible person to brainstorm with. She makes connections to ideas previously discussed and always has at least a handful of resources to share related to any topic we have touched on.

Vicky’s guidance and tools are immensely valuable and working with her has been an empowering investment in myself.

— Whitney

I started working with Vicky when I was stuck in an unfulfilling job and unsure where to go next. In my mind there were formidable obstacles to making a career transition: I was geographically restricted, looking for remote work in a highly technical field, and I was pregnant. After my first conversation with Vicky, I went from feeling trapped to feeling like there was a path forward. Vicky helped me to define what I was looking for based on my goals and values, and she worked with me to develop an effective strategy for my job search.

After just a few months, I landed a dream job with an amazing company. Vicky helped me to navigate the interview and negotiation process—I substantially increased my compensation and got a fully paid maternity leave in my first year. Most importantly, I am doing meaningful work that I feel passionate about. I am thrilled about this next chapter in my career, and Vicky was key to getting here. I can’t recommend her enough!

— val

"I started working with Vicky during a very challenging career slump. I was struggling with confidence in the workplace and this was impacting my ability to effectively communicate with leadership. I had been apprehensive about career coaching but felt desperate to turn things around. A free consultation demonstrated Vicky's commitment to tailoring our sessions specifically to me. I leave each session with specific actions to improve my executive presence, communication, and leadership skills.

Working with Vicky has completely turned things around for me, even earning leadership's commendation on my development on numerous occasions. Vicky's guidance has not only transformed my professional trajectory but also unexpectedly bolstered my personal relationships and self-assurance beyond the workplace. My career and personal life have changed for the better, and working with Vicky is the clear moment that change started."

— kris

Before I began working with Vicky I was at a point in my life and my small business where I was disorganized and really had no structure to the things I did or wanted to do. This all changed when we set weekly meetings to talk about strategies I could use to be more organized and how I could grow by being a leader. Our weekly meetings have helped me develop my thought process in ways I didn’t even realize were possible. I highly recommend you reach out to Vicky to start your journey as soon as possible.

— owen

I've been working with Vicky for more than a year, and she's been unbelievably helpful. Working with Vicky has helped me to stay centered and focused during a time of growth and change in my career. She has had incredible guidance when things are going my way and when they are not. Vicky offers encouragement when I'm unsure and reality checks when I'm off base.

Despite some challenges, I am optimistic for my career because I have a plan. Together we have identified immediate steps towards my five and 10 year goals so I can be proactive rather than reactive. She encourages me to think constructively and to be bold, while maintaining my own identity and not necessarily adopting the behaviors of men in my industry in order to succeed. I’m so glad I was able to find her!

— julia

Vicky has been a key part of my career growth since I transitioned to a senior leadership position in a new organization. Vicky takes the time to evaluate one's strengths, identifies growth opportunities, and then applies various coaching methods to manage and overcome challenges that come up along the way. Having been a practitioner, Vicky brings her own experiences and can leverage those in her coaching sessions to help when I come across similar situations she has faced along her career journey.

— jeremy

This coaching is the best gift that HR could have given me; it's better than a promotion.

— vanessa

I recently found myself at a transition phase after 25 years of hard work in my industry. While I was confident in my skills and understood that I had unique benefits to offer potential employers, I was unable to identify a clear path to the next phase of my career. Engaging with Vicky was the best decision I could have made to guide me through understanding my professional value proposition, position my differentiators as core strengths, and confidently and authentically articulate my professional brand story during interviews.

I landed a dream role on a truly inspiring team for a company I am so proud to be a part of. Vicky and I will continue to work together as I start my new role, in order to ensure my path continues to align with my career aspirations.


I had the privilege of having Vicky Regan as my Leadership Coach during a time in my life when I was at a crossroads, suffering from extreme burnout and struggling to figure out "what next" in my career. After my first conversation with Vicky, her sincere interest and strong motivation to help me had already made me feel as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was clear that she was here to guide me to fulfill my true potential – both in my work and private life.

Since working with Vicky and the PIVOT Program I'm so happy to say I've landed my dream job! Through additional workshops, Vicky helped me map out a success plan for my first 100 days and beyond in my new role. Vicky's guidance has been invaluable, and I am so thankful to have gone through this experience with her.

— kerri

Vicky has been an amazing leadership coach. While navigating a layoff and finding challenges during my job search journey, her support has been a constant source of encouragement. With a blend of positivity, persistence, and confidence, Vicky has been my guiding light.

When it came to networking opportunities, Vicky's suggestions were a game-changer. Her advice on forging new and meaningful connections has expanded my professional network. In the last five months working together, Vicky has become the cornerstone of the support system I was seeking.

I'm excited to see our relationship shift as I start on a new chapter with a promising job opportunity and a fresh start at a new company. In this new role, I'll work with Vicky to focus on my leadership development, goal setting, and enhancing my presence in exciting new opportunities. Thanks to Vicky's guidance, I am well-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead and confident in my ability to thrive in this new role and future.

— cheryl

Vicky has helped me transform my focus, my communication, and how I lead with my clients and at home. She's an incredibly compassionate coach and guide who holds her clients accountable to their own personal and professional visions. Vicky changed the way I approached my business, and then helped me flex the confidence muscle to keep moving forward. Her PIVOT program is perfect for anyone wanting to get off their plateau and on to the ascent of their next peak. Thank you, Vicky!

— bryan

I’ve worked with Vicky to get coaching and guidance on how I can progress my career and I can’t recommend her services enough! I've been singing her praises to friends and colleagues ever since. Working with her has impacted both the way I envision my future roles as well as how I navigate my current role.

She motivates me not through platitudes, but through breaking down goals into manageable tasks, providing insightful resources and powerful tools, keeping me on track and holding me accountable. Often she helps me get to my goals through reframing what I’ve said, making it possible for me to actually hear/listen to my own thoughts and see my true wants and needs. This has helped me navigate ways to get to my goals.

And finally, Vicky is a badass! I want her on my team always.


I am so grateful for Vicky’s leadership coaching. Her intuitive and humorous style both validated and normalized the areas I wanted to work on in my professional life. Vicky's cadence was contoured to my personal path, and she helped me reframe what I internalized as impossible with concrete steps toward solutions.

Vicky helped me chart my professional journey; I now feel more confident navigating my career toward a safe place, rather than being at the mercy of both the proverbial storms and rocky shores around me.

— rae

Through our working sessions, Vicky provided me with appropriate encouragement, reinforcement, and support as we worked together on identifying my areas of strength and those where I could use more development or training. She helped me to discover the challenges I face, both as an individual and a leader, and how I can best equip myself to deal with them.

For a while, I've felt I had areas to work on with how I led my diverse teams, but was never quite sure what was off. This has been an eye-opening experience that's made me a better leader.

Vicky pushed me when I needed it and provided me with the resources necessary for implementing our action plan. I feel much more driven to continue to strive toward success and achieve my goals. Thank you so much Vicky!

— ryan

At every step in working with Vicky, I felt as though we were a team. She has an innate ability to communicate in the optimum way for messages to resonate with you, personally. For me, this was achieved through organic conversations, visualization tools (which I am still using today!), and specific actions I might encounter.

Through working with Vicky, I developed more confidence and learned how to differentiate myself in the most authentic and concise way. This confidence has led to improvements in all aspects of my life. Vicky’s coaching is responsible for my renewed sense of professional purpose and alignment and has significantly impacted every aspect of my personal life as well. I am so grateful for her coaching and wholeheartedly recommend her services to all professionals.

— o. wilber

Working with Vicky has been a total game-changer for me, she's helped me on so many levels: building my confidence, reinventing myself, defining my goals, and setting an achievable action plan to make them happen. She's a great accountability partner and I come away from every session feeling energized and excited about this next stage of my career. I'm amazed at my progress & would recommend having a chat with Vicky about how she can help you too.

— lara

  • Certified executive coach
  • career coach
  • PCC credential, ICF
  • Positive Intelligence coach
  • Certified Woman-Owned small Business 
  • registered entity with US federal government

I provide discounted or pro bono coaching each year to nonprofits and individuals who are dedicated to creating positive change.